One in six suffer, are you one of them?

Ever since I began this journey with setting up my own business around mental health, slowly but consistently more and more people find the courage in themselves to open up to me. Whether that be through my initial welcome email, or just completely out of the blue. It has been a pleasure getting to know some of you better, and what has been most notable has been the emotional issues that each of us holds within.

I have had strangers, friends, and even close relatives open themselves to me as they seek out some assistance over the past few months. It is always surprising and yet understandable. Statistically, one in six adults have a common mental health disorder.

Take something relative to this, such as yourself and five other family members, or yourself and five of your friends, and know that there is a high chance for one of you or them to suffer from a mental health disorder.

That makes it pretty common and makes it all the more confusing that we are so ill educated as a society on the subjects of mental health and wellbeing.

Knowing these statistics, and experiencing those around me reach out to me for help — it brings me to thinking about why I am doing what I am. It strengthens the vision I have that more people need the right education to managing and improving their own wellbeing, and I want to do my best to make that happen.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t remember being educated on the subject of wellbeing, or the sciences of the mind, during my school education. It seems to fall off once pupils reach high school, and that is again something that needs to be improved.

But what I can do, and what you can do, is proactively be more aware of your own and others’ wellbeing. By being mindful of your feelings and emotions, you better prepare yourself for both what life throws at you, and what you can offer to those around you. Simple changes to make simple improvements leads to big developments.

Improve your own well-being first, and then you will be able to offer a better version of yourself to all those around you.