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Welcome to your free guide to building stuff with no code, no knowledge and almost no money.

In this video guide I’ll show you the tools available to you for bringing your idea to life.

My hope is that after watching this guide, you’ll be inspired and have some fundamental knowledge of how to get started. Onto the video!

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Resources 🗂️

Below you’ll find links to all the resources mentioned in the video.

Websites and Blogs

E-commerce and Payments

Social Media

Online Courses/LMS

Additional Resources

  • for no-code resources and tutorials
  • for no-code resources, tools and tutorials • for finding tool alternatives
  • for finding indie maker tools


My Own Products

Here’s a few of the things I’ve created:

  • – this very website, newsletter and online courses built on WordPress, EmailOctopus, Sendinblue, Gumroad and Zapier
  • – website, app and content built on WordPress,, Google Sheets, Zapier and good old elbow grease
  • – Slack community for mental health and mindfulness built on Slack, MailChimp and Zapier