Understanding your belief system

We all have our own beliefs, we believe in this or that deity, and we believe that this or that is right and wrong – this is the essentials of a belief system.

But it is not always as known that our belief system also comprises of more than the traditional meaning of a belief.

What is a belief system?

Take any topic and write down your opinion on it. That opinion is in fact a manifestation of your belief system.

We all have a true belief in our heart as to the answer to a question, even though we might not always distinctly express it.

The belief system is formed of varying subjects of existence, including but perhaps not limited to: religious, philosophical, and idealogical. There may be additional subjects, but they can usually be understood as combination of these mentioned.

What forms a belief system?

At many points in our lives we come into challenges, or questions that are asked of us, and whenever this is a new situation that we experience something interesting happens – we decide what we believe.

It’s not to say though that in creating a belief, it can also be persuaded by previously influenced belief systems of others, culture, society, etc.

As a classic example, a child might be asked at one moment in their life “Do you believe in God?”. The child in this example is brought up in a Catholic environment (being family, school, experiences). It is without question that this child’s’ belief system will be in some ways affected by the belief of others.

The child is asked of them this question, and in that moment they would consider their options. Based on what they know, their environment, they assume the most logical answer is to match what is around them. At that moment the child confirms their belief in God, and has set this as an integral part of their own belief system.

How do belief systems affect us?

In our example, its not to say that a belief system cannot be changed but it is typically at great turmoil to do so. This can be emotional and physical. It only takes slight consideration to understand this, but to reaffirm the point:

Did you believe in Father Christmas when you were young? If not, let’s pretend you do.

How did it feel when you found out the truth?

A young child has the belief system of something magical and incredible, and this is taken away from them. Their belief system has to change due to overwhelming evidence, and emotional scarring is the remaining factor.

Using your belief system

Every one of us has a different belief system to the next, from what fast food restaurant is the best to whether its right or wrong to bring back corporal punishment.

We believe what we believe, and to know exactly what that is and be confident in your choice is what can make you a well rounded being. Of course, we should not be so arrogant to assume that once we are sure of our belief system, that it should not adapt or change with the evolution of culture, and man.

Whilst we cannot write exactly what we think of every single topic imaginable, and our belief to it, what we can do is decide on what is important to us, to form the building of our temple.

The idea of building our temple is something of a brain storming session to identify what we care about in life, and using this knowledge to become a whole, well rounded, grounded, being.