It’s that day of the year. The one with all the gifts, family, friends, joy, laughter, awkwardness, sadness, frustration, despair?

Now I’m not about to put a downer on your Christmas, friend. That’s not my intention. But I do want you to try something for me on this particular day, I want you to consider applying a rule to every moment of it:

Enjoy the simple pleasures in this very moment and stop trying to meet “perfection”

There isn’t such thing as perfection, in any part or walk of life. There will always be rough edges and often challenges.

All we have, on this day and the next and any other, is what we have in each single moment. We take what is given to us and find the best out of it that we can. Always looking for the lighter side of the coin.

If we’re instead focused on somewhere else we’d rather be, or trying to have a perfect Christmas, then how can we ever enjoy the moment that has been afforded to us?

Christmas is bitter sweet in my world. There’s negativity, but there is also positivity. All I can do is accept it for what it is, rather than trying to change it.

If I’m obsessed with changing the moment, I’m never really living in it. Body present, but mind elsewhere.

So, enjoy your good moments today. And give space and appreciation to the negative moments. They are what they are, let them be that and look towards the next good moment.