It’s been a funny old year for me, I quit a full time corporate job, I launched and closed a business, I have been interviewed about mental health, I’ve spoken on a panel about responsible lending, appeared in other interviews for articles, and recently dove into becoming a mental health & wellbeing coach.

In all of the ups and downs I have had myself to depend upon for the majority, ensuring that I can move around each barrier and turn a corner for the better

With all the pressure it has meant that my own mindfulness and self-care practice has been seriously challenged. At times I have even doubted myself, that I can’t always ‘practice what I preach’ with too much going on in my life and in my mind.

But I journey on. I work through each difficult moment, where there’s either too much going on, or not enough time to care for myself first. I always find a way out of the fog and back onto the clear view of the river, and journey, that I’m on.

Something about me means I always find a way, with a little bit of self-care, and a little help from a friend – I reach clarity.

This is something we all share, we all go through difficult times in life. It doesn’t matter what it specifically is, things just get on top of us sometimes. The pile stacks too high, then it’s difficult to see through that limited view to the clear view of our life that is always there. We can always access clarity, we just have to find out what works for us and train our mind to access it.