mind.chat guide

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Visit this page: https://slofile.com/slack/mindchat

community guidelines

  1. Be considerate of others
  2. Respect the opinions of others
  3. Respect the privacy of others; what is discussed in mind.chat, stays in mind.chat

how to appear private

If you’d like to use mind.chat privately, so other members don’t know your name, who you are, etc. Follow these steps:

open Profile & Account

profile & account

open Edit Profile

edit profile

edit your profile

From here, you can change how your name appears as well as your nickname (e.g. @mrbanana), your profile photo, and any other details. You can set this up to be as private or as transparent as you would like.

edit your profile

other privacy notes

By default, your email won’t be shown to any other member, it’s only visible to me, the founder.

By default, usernames are shown instead of full names in slack channels - it’s your choice to add your full name or not.

You can edit or entirely remove your messages at any time.

By signing up for the mind.chat community, your email will be automatically subscribed to the mind.chat digest (newsletter). This is to keep you updated about the community. We use MailChimp for newsletters, so you should be aware of their privacy policy.

You should also be aware of Slack’s - our community tool mind.chat runs on - privacy policy & terms.

Other than anything noted above, your email, personal information, or messages won’t be shared with any other entity. Yay for privacy.


If you have any questions about mind.chat or concerns, you can contact me directly in the community @Joe or email me directly at mindchat@bloom.im