Why mental health should be taken seriously

The simple facts about mental health is that this isn’t a fad, a hippy movement, or a self-entitled “progressive” notion. Mental health is a parallel to physical health. They are both equally important, and are indeed intertwined.

In these past few years mental health is becoming more and more apparent in the minds of the public as a societal problem, or even as something that actually exists. Within that, there is so much discussion that is beginning to occur, at least in my vicinity.

But as someone that constantly promotes the awareness of mental health, wellbeing, and self-improvement it’s much easier for me to see the conversation happening. Because most times I’m the person starting it.

But that’s what we really need isn’t it? More people opening their mouths and just talking about what it means to them to take care of themselves, and especially taking care of their mind.

If we don’t continue to promote the development of evangelists and advocates for mental health then we won’t be tackling the facts that our society is breaking with huge increases in anxiety and depression in the last 10–20 years which coincides exactly with the increase in social media and internet usage.

If we don’t take mental health seriously, by giving it the right amount of consideration in our government policies, social services, educational institutions, and workplaces, then we are complacently relinquishing care for ourselves and our children in the future ahead.

As our lives get both more complicated with responsibilities and relationships, yet more simplified through the power of technology, life becomes confusing and lacks direction particularly for those still developing in their teens and early twenties.

The only way to ensure that the development of these individuals is positive is to work tirelessly to improve the national understanding of mental health. To know what it means to have health for the mind, that it’s a normal part of health, and that by having the conversation about the mind and it’s health is how we’ll remove stigma from the world for good.

Our highly self-aware and socially public lives need a balanced mind to be able to hold awareness, show compassion, and live happier healthier lives. If we don’t take mental health seriously, we risk forgetting what it means to be human — to live and to feel.