This is how you recover from sickness

I know it sounds a bit too simple, but the answer to recovering from common sickness is rest. We often think that there is actually things we can intake or do to proactively prevent or recover faster from sickness.

The most important factor though always remains, the right amount of rest. It’s super powerful, and one of the greatest ‘life hacks’ I’ve utilised in my adult life. If I’m feeling down, under the weather, had a bad day, or I have the ‘man flu’ (as I have over this past week) it’s rest that really improves my condition.

On Saturday here in England the clocks went back onto GMT timezone, meaning that we got an extra hour of sleep. I missed out on all the Halloween fun, but instead had myself a seriously long sleep and finally woke up feeling like I could function normally again.

The power of rest can also be translated into an idea to guide your day-to-day by. With rest, we must stop what we’re doing and switch off our brains to fully benefit from the healing powers of sleep. This is something that can be applied in a similar way to the rest of your life too, just by taking an active choice to slow down and allowing ourselves to pause, switch off (your phone, your laptop, your brain), and really unwind from the stresses of life can give us the space we need to rest and return to it in a better frame of mind and ability.

Well-rested doesn’t just have to mean sleep, it can mean the choices you take in life to pause and rest, rather than constantly powering through. This can be done in a variety of ways, and you might be practicing it already without even knowing it. Some call this mindfulness, which can be achieved through meditation, yoga, or simply by taking a walk. A lot of people think things like meditation and yoga are silly, sissy, or something else, which is generally an unfortunate association because of a dislike of what people might refer to as ‘hippies’ or ‘hipsters’.

If you simplify those ideas and apply them to something you can get on board with, then there’s lots of rest to achieve. Taking a walk each morning (when you’re not rushing to get anywhere), sitting in silence away from any devices or entertainment, or just even sitting outside and enjoying nature. This is all versions of rest, and taking the time to be mindful and create space between yourself, your things, and what is going on in your life at the moment. Just starting with 10 minutes a day of this kind of rest, can go a really long way.