Do anything at all but stand still

Being someone who researches, just as a hobby, how the mind works and how it is applied from thought into action; I have come across a very simple concept time and time again, that is the differences between a growth mindset and a fixed mindset.

You can likely easily find infographics based on this concept, which I believe is founded on sound psychiatry evidence. But what I am most interested in is the application of these theories into the real world so that they might provide realistic scope.

My writing on this blog originated as informative and structured, but like this concept I have opened myself up to the evidence of others’ successes to reach a more creative flow of writing and expression. I have tried to apply a growth mindset into writing. I have tried to apply a growth mindset into my entire life.

The theory often splits human beings into one side or the other, and in a lot of ways I do not like to condone such kinds of segmentation especially of the human mind because as a little bird once told me; the human mind is the most complicated thing in existence, that and humans continue to prove how unpredictable and fascinating they are.

However, when I look around and talk to people I find myself segmenting them into one or the other. I hope that I am not passing judgement, or trying to influence judgement of others, but I know that in myself I am mentally picking a side for them, one’s Captain America and one’s Ironman,  so that I can better identify them myself.

There is however some outliers, people that are living within the middle of a venn diagram. These people I meet that have hopes and dreams, aspirations and goals, desires and plans and yet no appreciative display of application. They don’t know where to start perhaps, or how to motivate themselves, or are halted by their own self judgemental stereotyping and/or that which others push onto them.

I consider myself someone who has a exclusively growth based mindset, I want to be challenged and pushed until I have no choice but to learn by throwing out the negative and replace with something new and hopefully positive. I throw myself into a new way of life to see if it works for me, and I don’t accept “I don’t think I can do it” for an answer from myself. Of course this can be a challenge in itself, being your own tutor who doesn’t stand for bullshit.

But I have grown to accept that some things are the way they are, and that sometimes not pushing until something cracks is the right thing to do, that sometimes standing still and appreciating what is right now is a part of growth. I began this article with “Do anything but stand still”, but like having a growth mindset this article has grown as I continued to write it and it became something else entirely.

Letting yourself move with, as opposed to against, the things life gives you and the way that your mind works can be enough to develop a growth mindset. At times we don’t need to push the growing in the direction we think is optimum and instead let what happens to us be the force for movement, and growth, in life.

Think less, do more, the growing will happen without trying.