The worry of the world

Quite the week, isn’t it? Around the world, people woke up to a decision that appears to contradict the power of freedom and free-thinking, causing despair. Millions have been left feeling disenfranchised and disheartened about the state of the world. That’s some heavy stuff.

When we are forced to face realisations that don’t align with our own values, particularly on global issues, we can suffer from a trauma that makes us question the very fabric of our reality. You’ll ask questions of yourself like: How can this even be possible?

If we were to take a step back, and simply observe the events that occur without opinion, we can gain some perspective that allows us to begin acceptance of the realisation. There are some 7 billion people existing on this planet. Take a moment to think about that. How many people are in your life? Research says around 150. Try to imagine the significant difference between those who exist in your daily life, and the sheer volume of humans on the planet.

Then is it any wonder, by simple laws of probability, that there are millions or perhaps billions of people on Earth that do not share similar values to your own? This is the reality of the state of the world, billions of other people who most likely share very few similar values to your own.

By knowing this, and not trying to change it, we can begin to accept it. This same power of acceptance translates into the rest of our lives, accepting that a person does not like you, accepting that you are suffering from problems with mental health, or accepting that some people with — what you may consider — questionable values will find their way into positions of power.

“True change is within, leave the outside as it is.” — Dalai Lama

There are simply things in this world that we cannot change, and that’s okay. Change comes from within, leading by example to show those around you how being open to change improves your life. Everything else we have to develop a certain level of acceptance, otherwise we only breed further battles with our own mankind.

“Sometimes by losing a battle you find a new way to win the war.” — Guess who said that? Donald Trump